Our Passion for Food

As a life-long cook I’ve always loved the feeling you get finding the perfect ingredients for a special recipe. Maybe it’s ordering a nice cut of meat from a farmer you know for a family gathering. Or walking through the farmer’s market and deciding what to make for Saturday dinner based on what is in season. It’s part of the magic of food and living in a culture that celebrates farming and quality ingredients. We are lucky to have so much of that culture available to us here in West Marin.

We enjoy working with animals and the end result of raising and harvesting them yourself is without a doubt the best food you will eat. The taste comes from putting in the work, knowing how the animal was treated, knowing how it was slaughtered, then celebrating the animal’s life in how you prepare the meal.

We strive for perfection in the life we give our sheep. We manage our stocking density to ensure the animals have access to open pasture year round. The Navajo-Churro is quite adaptable and enjoys eating brush and scrub in late summer almost as much as fresh green grass in spring. We supplement with high-quality grass hay and alfalfa as pasture nutrition declines. Our sheep are healthy, strong, and beautiful. The best animals stay in the breeding program. The rest make an exceptional quality food.

Navajo-Churro lamb is recognized by Slow Food USA in their “Ark of Taste,” a program created to promote the outstanding qualities of heritage breed foods. Navajo-Churro lamb is lean and has a light, delicate flavor. It is without a doubt the best lamb we have ever tasted. Pictured below is the “asador” cooking method. Asador can be handled many different ways, we choose to slow-roast over an oakwood fire. We cooked our very first ranch lamb this way, and it was an experience we will never forget!

We hope after reading about our farm that you are curious about our lamb. Check out some of our favorite Ranch Recipes for even more inspiration. We butcher every fall right here on our farm. We sell our lambs in half and whole shares direct to customers in the Bay Area. Email us for more information.

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