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My family moved to a 150-acre coastal ranch in Marshall (near Point Reyes Station) in 2013. Initially my husband and I were seeking a change in environment for our young son, now 16, to experience childhood. Little did we know how much the ranch would transform all of our lives! The joys and harsh realities of farming and keeping livestock have been a radical education for our entire family.

We set out to create a grazing and agricultural plan that would bring our property to life as a working farm without adversely affecting the sensitive natural ecosystems that surround us. We sought counsel from farmers, ranchers, scientists, gardeners, educators, policymakers, and neighbors. Then we experimented to find out what projects would really work with our surroundings and inspire us each day.

Over time what has emerged in us is a deep connection and sense of responsibility for the land and the respectful raising of livestock. We love animals. We love seeing them happy. We love making sure that nothing they have to offer goes to waste. We love harvesting them responsibly. It is one of the great blessings of life to grow food and share it with family, friends, and community. Finding this passion has been a life-changing experience.

Kelli Dunaj

Articles and Media
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Photo by Paige Green Photography.