We are a family farm located in the historic ranching hills and traditional Coast Miwok territory of Marshall, California overlooking Tomales Bay. We run Navajo-Churro sheep on 150 acres of coastal prairie and riparian land.

Our mission is to be excellent land stewards, raise beautiful multi-purpose livestock (for breeding, food, and wool), and connect with community through work.

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Our Heritage Livestock

We have worked with over a dozen small farmers to build a flock of extraordinary fiber and food animals. Our primary focus for 2023 is the Navajo-Churro sheep, a heritage breed with a deep cultural history in the United States.

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Our Love of Fiber

It didn’t take long for the Navajo-Churro’s striking locks of wool to inspire a passion for fiber on the ranch. We breed our sheep for a range of colors and textures suitable for many different types of fiber art.

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Our Passion for Food

We are firm believers that love and attention to detail in land management and animal husbandry show up in the taste and quality of food. We consider it a gift to be able to grow exceptional food and share it with our local customers.

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