In March 2023 we will be lambing 40 ewes in a range of colors and patterns from a variety of genetic lines. Our breeding flock is registered (or pending). We take biosecurity seriously and quarantine all new arrivals to the farm. We test for CL, Johne’s, and OPP prior to adding sheep to our flock. We randomly perform blood and fecal PCR tests within our main flock to ensure our animals are clean. We vaccinate annually and use antibiotics as infrequently as possible. Culling decisions are based on hardiness, mothering ability, temperament, and wool quality among other factors. We make every effort to breed animals that exhibit excellent traits for passing on to their offspring.

We are taking reservations for 2023 lambs now on a limited basis. Lambs will be available at weaning time in July. We require livestock purchasers to keep a minimum of 3 sheep in their flock, with access to adequate pasture (no backyards), and appropriate fencing and security in place (llamas or LGDs).

For more information on our livestock email us or call 415.663.8354. I post updates about the sheep on Instagram @springcoyoteranch.