Sacred Sites

Environmental Racism

Chaco Canyon

“We are outraged that despite widespread public concern for the rights of Indigenous peoples, the preservation of historic sites, the public health risks of fossil fuel extraction, and the climate emergency, the BLM has decided to continue its pattern of industrial assault on the American people. BLM’s “preferred alternative” prioritizes fossil fuel extraction at the EXPENSE of community needs, land health, and human wellbeing. YUCCA stands in solidarity with Dine communities, the All Pueblo Council of Governors, members of Greater Chaco Coalition, and those on the frontlines of our country’s insatiable appetite for fossil fuel dollars. We refuse to be silent as people’s lives and cultures are erased under the banner of “economic development” and our futures as young people are threatened.”
Artemisio Romero, Spokesperson, YUCCA (Youth United for Climate Crisis Action), (505) 629-1181,

Grand Canyon