Special Collection

This collection is a collaboration between my friend Jay Begay, a Navajo shepherd, and me. Jay grew these animals on the Navajo Nation and butchered, fleshed, and salted the hides. I picked up the raw hides in January and brought them back to California for tanning and selling. The hides are some of the most luxurious pieces I have ever seen, with unbelievable size, staple length, softness, and shimmer.

In light of the current reality we are donating 50% of the proceeds from the sale of these hides to Protect Native Elders, an indigenous-led all-volunteer organization dedicated to protecting the most vulnerable members of tribes across the U.S from COVID-19. The organization’s co-founder Bleu Adams recently spoke to MSNBC about the important work they are doing getting PPE, water, and other critical supplies distributed across the Navajo Nation.

If you have any questions about the hides feel free to email me! Thank you for your interest in our work.

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