Pelts & Skulls

Ideally all of our lambs would be breeding-quality but in reality many are not suitable for passing on their traits to other flocks. For those that don’t meet the standard of the Navajo-Churro Sheep Association we sell their meat, pelt, and skull in an effort to completely utilize the animal. We are proud of the care we provide our sheep and the resulting high-quality products, including pelts and skulls.

We sell our fabulous Navajo-Churro sheepskins seasonally at the Point Reyes Farmers Market from June to November each year. The market just ended 11/4. We are hosting pop-up farmstands at Toby’s Feed Barn on Saturday 11/11 and Saturday 11/18 from 9am to 1pm. December dates TBD. We still have a few beautiful pelts left for the holidays!

Our animals are slaughtered at Marin Sun Farms, an Animal Welfare Approved slaughter facility. We work with Barta Hides of Petaluma and New Method of San Francisco for tanning. Our pelts are 100% local. Prices are based on size, staple length, and fiber quality and range from $175 to $475. Private viewings are available by appointment.  Email us for more details.

One of the many extraordinary attributes of Navajo-Churro sheep is the variety of skull and horn formations in both males and females. We buy our animal heads back from the slaughterhouse and clean and polish them by hand. Our cleaning process achieves a beautiful white bone color. We have a variety of hornsets available. We will have skulls at our pop-up farmstands at Toby’s Feed Barn on 11/11 and 11/18. Private viewings available by appointment.  Email us for more details.

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